5 ways to find extra Money around your house

Whenever I need to make a big purchase I think of ways to create the money vs taking it out of my paycheck. These are 5 ways that you can find extra money right around your house.


When cheap flights go WRONG! Customers fight at the ticket counter.

In a previous post I warned to double check before flying Spirit airlines and here is one reason why. Source: (CNN) Screams and commotion took over Fort Lauderdale’s airport Monday as travelers clashed with Spirit Airlines employees and police. About 300 Spirit flights have been canceled over the past seven days, leaving thousands of passengers angry.…

4 Lottery Winners who lost it all

Source:Business Insider It’s important to remember that money doesn’t solve life’s problems. In fact, these people’s lives took a turn for the worse after winning the lottery. Bud Post – Won $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania lottery. His brother later hired a hitman to kill him and his sixth wife so he could inherit a…