5 ways to find extra Money around your house

Whenever I need to make a big purchase I think of ways to create the money vs taking it out of my paycheck. Below are 5 ways that you can find extra money right around your house.

Sell items that are collecting dust

Think old appliances, cell phones, clothes, shoes, or purses. Think about how many of these items you have around your home that are collecting dust. Wipe those items off and put them up for sale.


$170 in change

Cash in your change jar

Whether it’s a change jar, change drawer, or gallon zip lock full of pennies. Cash it in and see how much you have. Coin Star a is a great place to cash in change or some banks and credit unions provide these service for free to their members.

Sell your crafts

Those creative wreaths, candles, and baked goods you make start selling them! People will pay good money for these items as they are unique, they save people time, and you are adding convenience to their lives are you doing the work for them.

Sell your servicespexels-photo-163569

If you style/cut hair, walk dogs, or babysit kids, start charging for these services. Doing these things for friends or family save them tons of money. But think about how much you can make if you recoup a portion of what they are saving.


Give Give Give. I cannot stress this one enough. When you start bringing in extra money but share with others and put a tenth of that in the collection plate. You want that extra money to keep rolling in right….


20 thoughts on “5 ways to find extra Money around your house

  1. I sell things in cycles as they’re no longer needed, Maternity clothes, then baby closes, now baby stuff, it never ends as life grows! 😉

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