When cheap flights go WRONG! Customers fight at the ticket counter.

In a previous post I warned to double check before flying Spirit airlines and here is one reason why.

Source: (CNN)
Screams and commotion took over Fort Lauderdale’s airport Monday as travelers clashed with Spirit Airlines employees and police.

About 300 Spirit flights have been canceled over the past seven days, leaving thousands of passengers angry. The airline says its own pilots are behind the cancellations and is suing them in federal court.

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Passengers across the country faced hours-long delays and flight cancellations for days. By Monday night, some travelers in Florida had enough.

The front ticket counter at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport turned into chaos, and Broward County deputies stepped in to try to restore the peace between passengers and airline employees.

To watch video of the brawl click here


10 thoughts on “When cheap flights go WRONG! Customers fight at the ticket counter.

  1. It has become very hard to fly now , and you don’t even know what to book anymore 😦 Delta was my favorite but they’ve been on the rage too ever since United started this whole charade the Airline industry has gone MAD

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  2. In a way, you get what you pay for. I never have an issue flying, but we purchase directly through the airlines, are always smiling and nice to the staff, and never assume we deserve anything.


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