Early Voting: Convenience and Concern


Normally I wait till election day to vote but with this year’s election madness, I anticipated long lines and took advantage of early voting. When I arrived, I noticed a man and his wife headed in the same direction as I was.  Once we all got close to the polling station, I noticed how long the lines were. The wife stopped just as I did when we noticed a large amount of people waiting to vote. I said “I think I will come back later, these lines are just too long” and she agreed. The man stopped and remind us that this was the last day to vote but we quickly corrected him, early voting didn’t end till Friday, November 4th (in Texas).



Early voters wait in line


What was interesting about this scenario was the man’s concern with me voting. The look in his eyes was serious as if he felt responsible for making sure not 1 but 2 votes were cast.  He had no idea who I was voting for unless he made an assumption based on the color of my skin.  I take it that he was a just concerned voter that wanted to make sure that all votes count.


The next morning, I returned to the same polling location and cast my vote. Taking advantage of early voting saved me a lot of time and frustration and all I needed was my ID. This was probably the easiest election I have participated in, especially in comparison to when I voted in 2008. I remember standing in line for hours waiting to cast my ballot as I watched people get turned away as they were not registered. Now that early voting is over in most states, how did you cast your ballot?  Are you waiting till Tuesday, Nov 8th to vote or are you still undecided? Keep the conversation going below.


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